alfonso olive

Alfonso Olive - Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer - Baton Rouge Louisiana
Alfonso Olive - Foot Massage - Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer - Coach - Baton Rouge Louisiana

Peace & Happiness

My medical specialization is in Massage Therapy based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In addition to relaxation massage I also offer other therapy treatments and rehabilitation for injuries. I always desire to use my many years of expertise to help improve people’s bodily health here in the greater Baton Rouge area. My focus is to help people alleviate their pain, how to strenthen their body, help them relax, and help them learn to feel their best. I also offer encouraging services of personal training, strength and conditioning training, weight management, as well as methods of athletic performance. To be stress free and have body improvement is so important in enjoying and being successful in your life's desires and needs.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Alfonso Olive

Years in Practice

14 years

Sponsoring Organization

AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)

Personal Training Credential

Personal Trainer & Fitness Certificaiton — ASFA

Personal Training License

# 59514

Medical Therapeutic Massage

CAQH Provider ID # 15664735

Massage License Number

# 7793 (Louisiana)

National Provider Identifier

NPI Number 1588021687

Taxonomy Number




Head Coach & Athletic Director

23 years coaching and master starter for track and field, basketball, and volleyball.

USATF Master Starter

Master Starter ID # 21411

Track & Field Official

Technical sports official and referee responsible for judging various events.


Volleyball division and district coach for many years.


Basketball division and district coach for many years.


Personal Trainer

Proficient in the areas of human anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and business.

Retired USAF Medic

20 years USAF medical field

Sports Medicine — Athletic Trainer

18 years as an Athletic Trainer, rendering specialized care includes the prevention, recognition, evaluation and care of injuries associated with exercise and sports.

Massage Cupping Practitioner

Proficient in the areas of pain reduction, joint mobilization, scar reduction, releasing tight/contracted muscles tissue and athletic performance enhancement.



USATF Track Official of the Year Award


Coach of the Year for Division 5 District 3 Award

USATF Track Official of the Year Award


USATF Outstanding Service Award



University of Illinois

Health & Physical Education


Southern Illinois University

Health Care Administration


Southern University

Adaptive Physical Education


Moore Career College

Massage Therapy